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L'Association Art Bio is engaged in the protection of the Environnement and developps its activities through artistic adventures in the South of France, in Pézenas, jewel of architecture in "large Provence".

We organize a yearly Artisitc Meetings (around June) to allow artists and public to meet around these great challenges of our times : waste.


We also invit and welcome foreign artists and groups of artists, as the Nomadic Academy of Fools, directed by Jonathan Kay, coming in October in Pézenas, during their European Tour between Berlin and Barcelona.

Venue of the Nomadic Academy of Fools, in Pézenas, from 18th to 29th october.

27th - 28th - 29th

Foyer des Campagnes


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Weekend Workshops
In Jonathan Kay’s unique Fooling Technique

You have to commit to the whole weekend but you could do both, as no two workshops are ever the same.
This work is emotionally vigorous. Not suitable for the wobbly.
Must be over 18yrs.

The workshops are led by a really experienced performer, whose intention is to make his work available to all. Payment is by donation. This does not mean a free lunch. We suggest a minimum donation of £50 (about 50 euros now...) for workshops and £5 for performances, just so we cover our costs. We feel though that this work is priceless and worth much more than that. We are working in a world outside of the credit crunch and by visiting it with us you will stretch the fibres of your creative imagination, so start as you mean to go on and contribute to it like it is an exceptional happening that can only exist through you creating it.
So create big!

For more information and bookings please contact Joanne on 07900 941 205 or email

Jonathan Kay in a workshop,
they seem having fun

Nomadic Academy of Fools

Presse release : octobre 2008 : the free English French local magazine / based in Pézenas / october edition

Midi Libre du 27/10/2008



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Contact : Agnès Allart (english spoken) and Alicia Gasser (Spanish spoken - abla español)

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